Embedded Linux


Embedded Linux is the most popular operating system in the Embedded Market. There are many distributions available to build a project. My Embedded Linux page offers some educational materials and links to resources available for Embedded Linux.


Books: Open Software Stack for the Intel® Atom™ Processor


Open software projects are under constant development. For anyone new to open software, it can be a challenge to know where and how to get started. There are many setup issues and tricks for many community projects, and information can be scattered across the Internet. As a basic introductory guide, Open Software Stack for the Intel® Atom™ Processor brings together an 8-chapter narrative that walks the stack from firmware, to operating system, to application development. The book is targeted for those new to open software development or have been using closed solutions. Whether you are building a custom board or using off-the-shelf hardware, the book discusses the different open software solutions available for the Intel® Atom™ processor. For a dynamic learning experience, there are 23 hands-on exercises that help you set up a development machine to build the software for firmware, Linux distributions, and applications.


Printed Edtion Available on Amazon

eBook edtion is available on Annabooks Online Store


Embedded Linux Articles


Yocto Project™: Adding Configuration Fragment for Wireless - August 2013

Example of kernel fragment to add wireless support



Yocto Project™: Partition Configuration for UEFI featuring the Kontron M2M Platform - August 2013

Demonstrates a solution to support UEFI and Embedded Linux using the Kontron M2M Platform.


Yocto Project™: Adding the meta-oracle-java Layer - August 2013

Step-by-step guide to add Java run time to an image.




Embedded Linux Websites

There are many Linux resources around the web. The links below are just a few to help those getting started.

Core Sites


Linux Kernel
Linux Foundation



Development Tool Chains

Linux from Scratch
Yocto Project™



Application Development Tools