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Thoughts: Windows running on ARM Part II - January 2013

Follow-up to the original article and addresses embedded developers concerns about the different reviews of Windows 8.


Thoughts: Windows running on ARM - January 2011

Microsoft demonstrated Windows desktop running on an ARM processor platform at CES2011. The article opens up the discussion on what this may or may not mean for embedded development.


MSGBB557TA – 7 Color Blinking LED Circuit Setup and Usage - November 2009

Integrated LED + IC supports 7 colors and a blink cycle via mode switch.


More Serial Ports! SPI-to-Serial for.NET Micro Framework v2.2 - August 2010

A solution to add more RS-232 serial ports using the SPI bus on the iPac-9302.


Source Code

Robot Demo Featuring the EDKPlus with .NET Micro Framework 4.0 and the Traxster II - May 2010

Builds on the previous Traxster project using the Traxster II. To demonstrate the Traxster II construction, additions were made including 2-line LCD display for debug and general output and a ambient temperature sensor.


TraxsterPlus2 Source Code

COM Port Changes in .NET Micro Framework 4.0 - This white paper discusses the differences that were made to the COM port’s Classes in the .NET Micro Framework 4.0 release.  - April 2010    

Implementing a Lock Application with the EDK - November 2008

The article shows a security lock application example which builds on the basic I/O found in the EDK.

Source Code

Building a Robotics Platform using the EDKPlus and the’s Traxster - March 2008

Basic robot example using the EDKplus


A Couple of Gadgets for Windows® SideShow™, Using VB.NET - January 2008

Looks at how to create SideShow Gadgets using VB.NET


Source Code

Example of How to Convert a TrueType Font to TinyFont for use with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework - January 2008

Application note covers the steps to convert a TrueType Font to the Tiny Font format.


Notes on Application Development Tools for Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework and Windows® SideShow™ - January 2008

Explains the different tools available for developing .NET Micro Framework applications and gadgets for Windows SideShow.