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Azure Sphere SDK: First Look

A review of the new MCU IoT offering from Microsoft



MSGBB557TA – 7 Color Blinking LED Circuit Setup and Usage - November 2009

Integrated LED + IC supports 7 colors and a blink cycle via mode switch.


More Serial Ports! SPI-to-Serial for.NET Micro Framework v2.2 - August 2010

A solution to add more RS-232 serial ports using the SPI bus on the iPac-9302.


Source Code

Robot Demo Featuring the EDKPlus with .NET Micro Framework 4.0 and the Traxster II - May 2010

Builds on the previous Traxster project using the Traxster II. To demonstrate the Traxster II construction, additions were made including 2-line LCD display for debug and general output and a ambient temperature sensor.


TraxsterPlus2 Source Code

COM Port Changes in .NET Micro Framework 4.0 - This white paper discusses the differences that were made to the COM port’s Classes in the .NET Micro Framework 4.0 release.  - April 2010    

Implementing a Lock Application with the EDK - November 2008

The article shows a security lock application example which builds on the basic I/O found in the EDK.

Source Code

Building a Robotics Platform using the EDKPlus and the’s Traxster - March 2008

Basic robot example using the EDKplus


A Couple of Gadgets for Windows® SideShow™, Using VB.NET - January 2008

Looks at how to create SideShow Gadgets using VB.NET


Source Code

Example of How to Convert a TrueType Font to TinyFont for use with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework - January 2008

Application note covers the steps to convert a TrueType Font to the Tiny Font format.


Notes on Application Development Tools for Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework and Windows® SideShow™ - January 2008

Explains the different tools available for developing .NET Micro Framework applications and gadgets for Windows SideShow.