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POS for .NET addresses the needs of Point Of Service market, which include devices such as Kiosks, ATM machine, self service check out scanners, fuel pump stations, security entry terminals, and of course point of sale systems. POS for .NET is an implementation of the UPOS specification for C# and VB.NET developers. POS for .NET supports the idea that applications can be written once to support many POS devices. Below you will find sample service objects, applications, articles, and various links for POS for .NET.

POS technology and information is continuously changing. Please let me know of any information that could be added to keep this page up to date.





POS for .NET is the .NET programming solution of the Unified POS (UPOS) standard. POS for .NET allows POS developers to write one application that support POS devices from different equipment manufacturers. Professional’s Guide to POS for .NET provides a foundation for those interested in learning the basics of POS for .NET applications and service objects. The book has 6 chapters covering POS for .NET architecture, POS for .NET application development, creating service objects, and managing service objects.

Covers POS for .NET 1.12, and information is still good for POS for .NET 1.14.


Printed edition is available on Amazon.com

eBook edition is available on Annabooks Online Store

POS for Windows Runtime and POS for .NET allows POS developers to write one application that supports POS devices from different equipment manufacturers. This follow-on to Professional’s Guide to POS for .NET provides a foundation for those interested in learning the basics of POS for Windows Runtime applications. Since applications are mobile, the TabletKiosk® TufTab i60XT Rugged Tablet is used as an example mobile target platform. The book has 5 chapters covering the following:Device discovery and Enumeration Techniques.




Printed edition is available on Amazon.com

 eBook edition is available on Annabooks Online Store

POS for .NET & POS for Windows Runtime Articles, SDK, and Information

Developing POS .NET Core 3.1 Applications

Professional's Guide to POS for Windows Runtime covers creating UWP applications that access POS devices. This follow-on article looks at creating .NET Core 3.1 application to access POS for Windows Runtime.

New Service Object Manager for POS for .NET 1.14.1

Service Object Manager (SOMgr.exe) is a GUI version of the posdm.exe utility built on the POS for .NET WMI support in the POS for .NET SDK. Service Object Manager provides the basic functions to set logical name, enable/disable devices, and set the default device in the system. The utility also supports the ability to configure remote systems on the same network.


POS for .NET 1.14.1 SDK

POS for .NET SDK that is aligned with UnifiedPOS 1.14.1 specification.



POS for .NET 1.14 Update (KB2959943)

If more than one device is claimed in a single or multiple applications there is an exception thrown:  POSControlException ErrorCode(Timeout) ExtendedErrorCode(0) occurred: Another application has exclusive access to the device and did not relinquish control before timeout milliseconds expired. Install this update on top of the POS for .NET 1.14 installation to fix the issue.



What is new for POS for .NET 1.14

An addendum to Professional's Guide to POS for .NET that covers some changes going for POS for .NET 1.12 to POS for .NET 1.14. Example source code provided for use with Visual Studio 2013.


Source Code

POS for .NET 1.14 SDK

POS for .NET SDK that is aligned with UnifiedPOS 1.14 specification.


Implementing POS for .NET MSR for the TabletKiosk® eo a7330D - January 2010

Step-by-step guide for creating a POS for .NET application for a handheld PC platform.

Source Code

Service Object Manager for POS for .NET 1.12

The ability to setup and manage service objects are an important part of developing, installing, and maintaining POS for .NET applications. Service Object Manager (SOM) is a graphical implementation of POSDM.EXE that simplifies the management of service objects on systems locally or remotely.

Note: SOManager needs to run as Administrator in Windows Vista and Windows 7.


POS for .NET 1.12 SDK

POS for .NET SDK that is aligned with UPOS 1.12 specification.


KB2755802 for POS for .NET on Windows POSReady 7

Update: addresses an issue where POS for .NET v.1.12 crashes when using .NET 4.0.



MSDN CH9 Example in VB.NET Solution

A MSDN Channel 9 presentation showed a POS for .NET application written in C#. Here is the equivalent application written in VB.NET

The application was tested with the following hardware devices:

•  LineDisplay - WASP WPD 220VF

•  Bar Code Scanner - HandHeld Products IT5600 - 5600SR050 with HandheldScannerSO.dll

Please see the documentation for setup information.


Source Code


Microsoft POSReady/ POS for .NET Links

POS for .NET Informaiton: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms828083(v=winembedded.10).aspx

New Forum for POS for .NET: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/vstudio/en-US/home?forum=netfxbcl

Old POS for .NET forum website: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/posfordotnet/threads (re-retired)

POSReady forum website: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/posready

MSDN Channel9 WEPOS Video: http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=170597#170597

Arts / UnifiedPOS Spec: Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) - UnifiedPOS specification can be found here.



POS Device Vendors - Available Service Objects / OPOS Drivers

In order to write POS for .NET applications, Service Objects and/or OPOS drivers are needed to interface the application to the hardware. The biggest challenge is finding devices that have Service Object or OPOS drivers. Many devices come as keyboard wedges. These keyboard wedge devices will work in a POS of .NET application, but PosExplorer will not handle data events from them. The following table is to help locate devices with service objects and OPOS drivers. The table is supplied as is and there is no guarantee that the various OPOS and SO drivers will work.

Please let me know if you find a POS vendor that has a service object or OPOS driver for their POS device. Also, if you have any of these device and have any results to share, please let me know.

Device Vendor / Device Service Object OPOS Serivce Object / OPOS Driver Notes
Bar Code Scanner Honeywell Products X X Scanner SO for the IT3800, IT4600, IT5600, IT5620 on the WEPOS 3rd party CD
Bar Code Scanner DataLogic   X OPOS drivers for various bar code scanner models
Cash Drawer APG Cash Drawer X X Cash Drawer SO and sample application on the WEPOS 3rd party CD
Cash Drawer

WASP Technologies

Annabooks X

Cash Drawer Service object developed by Annabooks.

LineDisplay, Cash Drawer, and Receipt Printer OPOS driver used to be posted on the website.

Cash Drawer MMF Cash Drawer X X Cash Drawer SO and sample application on the WEPOS 3rd party CD
Line/Pole Display IEE   X PDK-460U, PDK-4UP3, PDK-UP03, P324-3415, P330-3415, PC522-3415, PC305-3415, LB324-3415
Fiscal Printer Tremol Ltd. X X Service Object Wrapper for OPOS driver.
Pin Pad ID Tech   X

SecurePIN™ 100 Handheld PIN Entry Device
(IDPA-5XXXXX Series)

SmartPIN (IDPA-70xxxx Series)

OPOS drivers available for both RS232 and USB devices.

POS Scale Avery Berkel (Weigh-Tronix) Annabooks X

Avery Berkel (Weigh-Tronix) 6710 POS Scale has an OPOS driver. 6710 POS Scale Service object developed by Annabooks is posted above.


POS Scale Elane Electronics X  

POS for .NET service object available for:

Elane USB Scales – Plus 5kg, Parcel 15kg/30kg, PS2000 500g/5kg/10kg
Elane Precise RS232 Scales – Precise 500g/5kg/10kg

Elane USB/BT – Plus USB/BT 5kg, PS2000 USB/BT 500g/5kg/10kg (using USB interface only)
POS Printer Citizen Systems   X OPOS V1.8 driver for models CBM1000II, CT-S300, CT-S310, CT-S2000, CT-S4000, CD-S500/501/
POS Printer EPSON - USA Link X X

Receipt Printer SO for the TM-T88III & TM-H6000II on the WEPOS 3rd party CD. A complete set of EPSON service objects "OPOS ADK for .NET supporting Microsoft WEPOS" can be found here: https://www.epsonexpert.com/login.htm (Login required)


POS Printer Transact/Ithaca   X POSjet® 1000, POSjet® 1500, iThermTM280, 610, 50Plus, 80 Series, 90 Series, 150 Series.
POS Printer Custom Engineering   X OPOS driver for KUNE II
POS Printer Star Micronics X X Receipt Printer SO on the WEPOS 3rd party CD
POS Printer CognitiveTPG   X A7xx Series
POS Printer Zebra Technologies   X 105SL, 110PAX4, 110XiIIIPlus, 140XiIIIPlus, 170PAX4, 170XiIIIPlus, 220XiIIIPlus, GK420d, GK420t, GX420d, GX420t, GX430t, LP 2824-Z, LP 2844-Z, MZ 220, MZ 320, P4T, QL 220 Plus, QL 320 Plus, QL 420 Plus, RW 220, RW 420, S4M, TLP 2824-Z, TLP 2844-Z, TLP 3844-Z,ZM400,ZM600
Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR) MAGTEK X  

MSR Model Number - 21040101 and 21040102 will work with the Example Service Object from the POS for .NET SDK. Please see the app note below for setup information.

TabletKiosk® eo a7330D includes a MSR optional attachment from MAGTEK.

Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR) ID Tech   X Several devices - IDMB-3321x series, IDMB-3341xx series, IDMB-3361xx series, IDMB-3351xx series, IDEA-3321xx series, IDEA-3341xx series, IDEA-3361xx series, IDEA-3351xx series
Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR) ID Innovations   X Various MSRs
POS Keyboard Cherry   X SPOS Keyboard Series, G86-6x4xx
POS Keyboard Preh KeyTek X   POS Keyboard SO on WEPOS 3rd party CD
POS Keyboard Tipro     Various POS Keyboards
POS Keyboard / MSR ID Tech   X IDKA-2331xx series, IDKA-2341xx series, IDKA-3333xx series, IDKA-3343xx series
Signature Capture Pad ID Tech   X

uSign 200 (IDUA-01xxxx Series)

OPOS drivers available for both RS232 and USB devices.

Complete Systems ELO   X MSR and Cash Drawer OPOS drivers for different all in one system models - 15A1, 15A2, 15D1, and 17A2
Complete Systems Fujitsu   X TeamPOS 2000/3000 systems - OPOS driver package support for MSR, cash drawer, line display scanner, scale, thermal printer, etc. Please see Fujitsu OPOS documentation for further information
Complete Systems HP   X rp3000, rp5700 - Printer, Cashdrawer, Barcode Scanner, Pole Display
Complete Systems IBM   X SurePOS 700, SurePOS 500, SurePOS 300
Complete Systems Logic Controls   X Cash drawer, Line Display, MSR, Thermal Printer
Complete Systems Partner Tech   X Cash drawer, Line Display, MSR, POS Printer
Complete Systems PioneerPOS   X Cash drawer, Line Display, MSR, MSR/Keyboard
Complete Systems Wincor Nixdorf   X Cash drawer, Line Display, MSR, Keyboard

Other SO and OPOS driver information can be found at these sites: