Windows® 10 IoT Core Pro


Windows 10 IoT Core Pro is the smallest version of Windows 10 intended for single use applications and hobbyist projects.




Windows® 10 IoT Core Native Remote Debugging - November 2016

The article looks at how to add remote debugging support for native C/C++ application development.

Windows® 10 IoT Core Pro Boot Media and Sudden Power Loss Review - October 2016

Protecting a system from sudden power loss and preserving flash drives has been an important topic for Windows Embedded. Even though Windows IoT Core is a smaller version of Windows, the same attention to power loss and flash drive protection is also required. The article presents our test results for boot time and power loss for different flash media.

Windows® 10 IoT Core Pro Running on Intel® Architecture Platforms - October 2016

The article first looks at the firmware requirements and tools to see if Windows 10 IoT Core can be supported on a PC platform. The article then investigates the possibility of running IoT Core on Intel Core i-Series processors and the efforts to create device driver packages.

Windows 10 IoT – The Big Reboot - July 2015

Introduction to Windows 10 IoT and a transition roadmap from previous Windows Embedded editions.




Tools and Utilities

Device Driver Harvester Tool

A Microsoft developer posted a blog with a perfect tool for capturing device drivers on a live system. Ideal for working with WES7, WE8S, WE8.1I, and Windows 10 IoT.

Visual Studio

Application Development tools for Windows. You will need Visual Studio 2015 or later for working with Windows 10 IoT Core Pro

Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10

Contains the tools that allows OEMs to create custom IoT Core Pro images.


Windows Driver Kit (WDK) for Windows 10

Contains teh debug and associated tools to allow OEMs to create csutom IoT Core Pro images.





Community Sites and Blogs

Windows IoT has a solid support community in various newsgroups, websites, magazines, conferences, and individual eMVPs.

The Official Windows IoT site


Windows Internet of Things Blog


Microsoft Windows IoT Forum